How to set up a buffet table for brunch gatherings

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I make a list of possible menu in advance and the ingredients I might need to buy. For dessert I'll make Tiramisu truffles (see my guides for recipe)

I prefer to prepare all the serving dishes based on a menu the night before. When you make brunch which kinda early you would want to be as prepared as you can be not to hassle when your guests arrive

The next day start setting all up. I love to use real plates and silverware instead of disposable cause it's ecofriendly and more pleasant to eat from, but if you don't like washing anything goes

There is no brunch without the Mimosas (champagne mixed with orange juice in equal amounts)

Freeze the grapes the night before and use them as ice. This way it'll not delude the drinks and it's a great snack on a hot summer day

Set the bagel station and crackers

Something to top the bagels or crackers: smocked salmon, cream cheese, sweet soft cheese with raisins, olives and such

Scramble eggs

Morning potatoes (see my guides for the recipe)

Quinoa salad...yum

Snacks and cheese plate are served on a table we sit not to get up for every bite

Don't forget the coffee . I placed my coffee machine outside so the girls can help themselves and make their own cup

So this is my buffet table

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