How to make a simple tiramisu

I couldn't take shot of ingredients&1st step Cz I thought of making it 4 snap guide while I was in the middle of the recipe. Then dilute it

When coffee is done, Keep it hot/warm so cookies can soak it up easily. Layer up ur 1st cookie layer n sprinkle white choc chips. I got coconut cookies here. U can take any u like. Refrigerate ur dish

While your dish with cookie base layer is cooling in fridge, whip up the cream powder with some milk. Add cream cheese. I got dream whip by kraft. It whips up real good

Take the dish out, spread cream cheese, sprinkle pineapples on this first cookie layer. You can see the chunks of pineapple there

Now the 2nd cookie layer comes. Dip your cookies into the coffee syrup and start layering on top of the cream cheese layer. Reheat the coffee syrup wee bit if it's cooled down

Like this. You can squeeze in the cookie crumbs too Cz it won't be seen thru cream cheese layer. Again sprinkle chocolate chips dark n white.I added Some walnuts here too with pineapple chunks

On top goes the final cream cheese layer. Spread out evenly covering all cookie crumbs

Sprinkle on some coco powder and cinnamon IF you like its flavor Cz many ppl don't like cinnamon n it's aroma. Garnish with a pineapple. Strawberries look the best on it but they're outta season here

Done n done. You can see I tried to fix in some white chic chips on top layer too. Here it is my version of tiramisu. Eat with family n friends and have loads if fun. Until next time. Cheers

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