How to prepare peach melba

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Peach Melba is a very simple desert. One can either buy the three and put them together but it is so simple to prepare at home.

I am buying the icecream. If one makes ice cream at home. It will b great

This recipe is for 2 ... Or 3 persons

First prepare the syrup for poaching the pears. Put water, sugar, water, lemon rind, lemon juice and vanilla. Boil 5 mins or so lower the heat and let it simmer

Cover and let the flavors infuse the syrup

Step 2: work quickly because the pears oxidize and become brownish. Quarter the peaches with their skin. Of course after washing them. The skin will come out after by poaching

Put the peaches in the syrup. Make sure that the syrup cover the fruits

Cover and simmer.. Do not boil. Check in 10 mins or so. The peaches should b tender but still hold their shape

When cooked leave to cool down peel the peaches and put them in the fridge with the syrup... Untill needed they could b prepared well in advance.

If you are using fresh raspberries. You would need 150 g

If using Fresh raspberries, just put them in a blender with agave syrup (1 TBsp per 150 g). Reduce them to a purée and refrigerate until needed

Or if you want to use frozen raspberries I advise you to cook them. I have 450 g

Put in a cooking pot on medium heat. Add agave syrup ( 1 TBsp per 150 g of raspberries) add lemon zest and lemon juice ( 1 lemon per 450 g of raspberries). Cook for 15 mins. Purée with a hand blender

Add lemon zest

2 TBsp lemon juice

Cover and cook on low... Simmer until very tender

Purée with a hand blender

Strain to take out most of the seeds. Optional

The 450 g frozen raspberries yield 1c and a 1/2

the three elements are there. The poached pears, the raspberry sauce and the vanilla ice cream. for garnish; slivered almonds slightly toasted.

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