How to make ribbon leis

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I just got ribbon from Michaels! Essentially, any size should work

I used "Celebrate it 360" (it was 50% off today!)

Take each end and overlap the ribbon causing to make a loop #1: teal ribbon #2: light blue ribbon

Loop #1 through the loop of #2 (doesn't matter which one you start with)

Tighten loop #2 so that it is tight and no space in between the ribbons

With the long end of #1

Make another loop

Put loop #1 through loop #2

Tighten so there is no space between ribbons

With long end of #1, make another loop and loop it through #2

Put #1 through #2's loop



Tie the ends of each side and voila! Mix & match colors to make a beautiful lei!

You can also attach it to foam board and decorate it as a graduation lei!

Thanks folks for looking through my guide!! There was some confusion on some steps so please check out my video version on my page!!

Watch the video: How to make a ribbon lei


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