How to cook authentic indian tandoori chicken in an oven

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Healthy recipe! Oven Cook, Grill or BBQ!! Traditionally cooked in a Clay Tandoor Oven but you can make this at home using your regular oven.

The Tandoori Masala Mix, Chicken Seasoning, Plain Yogurt. I used 0% Fat Greek Yogurt, but this is just as good.

Mix the Fat Free Yogurt (I have used Geek), add the Tandoori Masala and the Chicken Seasoning (optional), give it a good mix, you can also add lemon juice keep mixing... Add a little Garlic Paste

Once mixed it should look like this. Don't worry about exact measurements, I used 4-5 heaped tablespoons of Greek Yogurt... Add the salt and the Chilli, I forgot to pop mine in but I'll do it later..

Get a plastic bag or a container you can cover with either a lid or cling film....

I'm using Chicken Breast - you can use chicken thighs and drumsticks or whole chicken legs....don't forget score the meat with a Sharp Knife

Pop the Chicken in the Tandoori Mix give it a good coating....

Prepare your Bag.... See how I done mine?? Or get your container ready...

Pop the Chicken in the Bag!!

Here are my Pre-Chopped Chilli, add as much as you want... I usually freeze them ready for use.... (this is when I remembered about the chilli so I just popped some in the Bag)....

I have also added Fresh Coriander in to the Bag. Add any of the Mix you have left over. You can roll the chicken in the bag to help spread the Mix...

Pop it in the Fridge from anything from 2-3 hours to as much as 24 hours.

Place the Chicken on a Baking Tray I always use foil lining on my tray..... Place the Chicken in the Oven for 20 mins. You can the grill. Ensure the meat is cooked through before eating.

Look at that..... Mmmmmmm I love Chicken...

Before cooking I left the Chicken to marinate for 2-3 hours, if you leave it longer the full flavour penetrates the meat... Next it's the Mint Sauce sorry no instruction pics....

Put a couple of tablespoons of Yogurt in a bowl, add chopped fresh Mint & 1/2tspGarlic or a teaspoon of Concentrated Mint, add half a sashet of Splenda AND MIX IT UP! Add more Mint or Sugar as needed

You can see from the sauce the Yogurt is thick, it's because I just wanted to eat it! I made 4 breasts with this mix.

Cooking is all about having a go and being adventurous! Please do not stick to the measurements as mine are not exact just a guesstimate! Enjoy and please let me know what yours tasted like!

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