How to make big fluffy package bows

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Wrap a long length of ribbon around a box. Overlap and turn the ribbon on the bottom of the box so the ribbon comes up all four sides of the box. Then cross the ribbon at the top and make a knot.

Accordion fold ribbon from the spool until there are four folds at each end. Then cut this section from the spool.

Accordion fold a second length of ribbon with four folds at each end. This section should be smaller than the first.

Cut notches on each side of the center of both sections of ribbon. Be sure to use scissors that can cut through the wire at the edges of the ribbon.

Place the two accordion folded sections of ribbon on top of the knotted ribbon on the top of the package.

Tie another knot at the notches with the ribbon that is wrapped around the package.

Start fluffing the center loops from the shorter section of accordion folded ribbon.

Twist and turn each loop to make a fluffy center.

When the center is fluffed, start twisting and fluffing the longer lengths of accordion folded ribbon for the outer section of the bow.

Adjust the loops to make a shapely bow and the cut the ends of the ribbon wrapped around the box. Use your hands to give a slight wave to the tail sections that dangle down the front of the box.

Several packages can be placed at the base of a Christmas tree to make it look pretty after the presents have been opened.

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