How to make a log lamp

With a drill for wood drill a hole in the center of the log

Screw threaded tube into the hole

Vent a bulb and with the glass drill, drill a hole at the edge of the bottom of the bulb. Thread the wire into the hole of the bulb.

Screw the fixture to the thread tube to attach it to a log.

Measur with a tape measure the diameter and height of the lampshade

Put the shade on the fabric piece and cut by measurements. Be sure to leave a margin of 3-2 cm. Then spray the shade thin and even layer of spray adhesive.

Paste the fabric on the lampshade. It is important to attach the fabric smoothly to avoid creating bubbles and wrinkles.

Cut the remaining fabric with scissors.

Attach a Jute rope to the edge of the lampshade with hot glue or fabric adhesive

Put the shade on the fixture and screw into shot.

Watch the video: How to Make a Spectacular Floor Lamp with Logs

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