How to tie huaraches

Here's one of the sandals with the lace already tied in.

Slip in your foot into the sandal.

Adjust the tightness. You want them to be pretty tight if you are to run in them but you don't want them to hurt.

Put the lace on top of your ankle.

Then go around your leg.

Depending on how long your laces are and what you find most comfterble, you can decide how many times you want to ho around your leg. I usually go two times.

Pull the lace forward.

And let it go under itself and back up again. Pull the string you went under back a bit. To find out what you think is most comfterble, move the lace closer and further away from your toes.

Continue by going back to the inner side of your foot. Go under the heel string.

Pull it back up on the top of your foot.

Then take it under the toe string.

Instead of pulling trough the whole lace, just form a loop.

Pull the rest of the lace into the loop and again, make a loop (in the loop).

Thighten it up and you should be good to go!

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