How to understand how 'my secret folder' is kept private

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Firstly, be sure you're using the original and best 'My Secret Folder' App. We can't be sure that other copycat/imitation Apps offer the same level of security. Official App link:

All content stored in 'My Secret Folder' is stored on your device and is not stored or accessible by the App developer at all. Only you have access to your content!

The only times any of your content or information can be shared outside the App are highlighted in the next three steps.

1. A break-in report is sent to your email address, containing a photo, GPS location info and the date/time when somebody attempted to enter the App. This can be stopped any time in 'Settings'.

2. If you so wish, you can choose to upload content to several online services. This can only be done by tapping the 'Share' button whilst viewing your content.

3. In order for web pages to be displayed, the App must download their contents. This is the same in all Internet browsers.

The only other way your content can be stored anywhere but on your own device is by using iCloud Backup. This is a great way of ensuring you'll never lose any of your data and is managed by Apple Inc.

Apple takes data security and the privacy of your personal information very seriously. iCloud is built with industry-standard (min 128-bit AES) encryption. See for details.

To see if iCloud Backup is turned on, navigate to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and see if 'iCloud Backup' is switched on. If it is, all your data will be backed up by Apple in case you lose it

If you do not wish to back up your 'My Secret Folder' content to iCloud, tap 'Manage Storage' on the iCloud Settings page and tap on your listed device. Then, uncheck 'My Secret Folder' backup.

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