How to infuse vodka with spiced pear

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Slice two pears. Add to the jar.

Add both cinnamon sticks to the jar.

Add sliced ginger. I used a few more pieces but be warned, you will taste it!

Add ten whole cloves. Again, you can add more if you care for strong spice. Ten worked for me.

Add two cups of vodka. I used a cheap version (broke college girl budget).

Now comes the hard part if you lack patience like me. Close the jar and let sit in a dark cool place for four days. Ugh, I know right. After four days you can taste test to see if it needs longer.

This was my day four results ( I made two) and it was spicy! Almost too much for my taste, I personally will use less spice next time.

Strain vodka to remove pears and spice. A spaghetti strainer worked for me but there are probably better options. The pears can be devoured too; maybe some spiked pear sauce?

Bottle and get your drink on :)

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