How to create a wire bird sculpture

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Sketch the outline of a bird on paper. Draw it the size you want your sculpture to be.

You will need wire, pliers, wire cutters, buttons, and thinner wire or embroidery thread.

Use pliers to bend the wire around the outline of your drawing.

Use a flat surface to keep it flat.

Cut the end of the wire leaving enough to attach to where you began.

Use pliers to connect the wire and complete your shape.

Let's add feet. Cut 2 shorter pieces of wire the same length.

I had a hard time with the feet, so bent them this way.

Now bend them around the bottom of your bird shape.

Use pliers to tidy-up the connection.

Find some buttons. I'm choosing shades of red.

Arrange them to fill the bird shape loosely.

Here is a thinner wire I'm using, but you could probably use embroidery thread.

Attach the thinner wire to the head of the bird and begin with the eye.

After the eye button has been positioned, add another button.

Pull the wire all the way through one hole, then pull through a second hole.

Work back and fourth, then fasten off the wire.

I cut a small piece of wire to use as a hook and attached it to the top of the bird.

Hang from a flower pot, or wherever, to display.

Pretty bird.

Watch the video: Wire copper Bird with garnet key

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