How to make fabulous cilantro bloody mary's

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My recipe is based on one from this cookbook. Michael McCarty is a great cook and a nice guy, but he uses canned consommé in his. Let me just say, yuck. That stuff tastes like can.

All the other recipes are wonderful so buy his book. Michael says Sacramento juice is the best, so I use it. Get a big bunch of cilantro and as many jalapeños as you like.

Did I mention you should start this the day before you plan to serve it? Sorry. I keep doing that.

Wash the cilantro well then chop it up. I suppose the finer it's chopped, the more flavor you get from it. But, don't chop it so finely that is goes through the strainer. Not making salsa here.

This is how finely I chop.

Ah, jalapeños. Put on gloves because they can burn (and I mean blister) your skin and soap doesn't help. Info I figured out the hard way. I always taste them because they vary in hotness.

Chop them up and include the seeds . They add hot. The next day, if it isn't spicy enough you can always use more Tabasco. I don't know what to do if it's too spicy. Never happened.

If you are still buying pepper in little cans at the grocery, stop right now and go to Penseys. There are different kinds! And they are fragrant and, I'm guessing, fresher. Not happening with canned.

Put your new pepper in one of these, set to huge, and grind out one tablespoon. Don't get squishy on this. Remember the strainer.

You'll need a plastic container for the mix. Mine is big because my friends and family love these and get kind of scrappy if I run out. Your people will likely be the same. But, you can start small.

Dump it all in the container.

Add tomato juice.

Stir it up and put it in the fridge. It will taste fabulous in 12 hours. You can let it go, unstrained , for 24 hours, but not longer. Strained, it lasts a week.

Next day. Let the straining begin.

Use a spatula to press the juice out.

When it looks like this, give it up. You've gotten the good stuff.

Pour into a beautiful pitcher and get a long handled spoon.

To finish, stir in the W. sauce and more black pepper. Taste and decide how much Tabasco to add. Up to you. Celery is a bad idea- it drips Bloody Mary on your clothes/ carpet. Limes stay in the glass.

Vodka. I'm not a fan , but experiments with tequila and gin were disastrous. And, it smells like cleaning fluid to me so rather than taste testing, I rely on this award winner- Smirnoff.

Fill a tall glass with ice. Throw in a jigger of vodka and top off with mix. Squeeze a wedge of lime into the glass and stir. Not with your finger. Enjoy! Be happy. None of those limes will get out.

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