How to make shrimp in red curry coconut milk sauce

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Chop your vegetables to desired size

Cook tortellini as directed

Sauté onion in 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Cook until soften over medium heat.

Add red curry paste. Cook until incorporated into onion. Do not over cook.

Add the cream of the coconut milk. This is the top couple of tablespoons. You will notice that it is a bit more creamier as compared to the rest of the can

Add you red bell peppers and mushrooms. Incorporate into the curry and coconut cream.

Add remainder of coconut milk and incorporate into ingredients.

After cooking red peppers and onions for a couple of minutes add your cooked tortellini.

Add 1 teaspoon of brown sugar. Next add your cleaned raw shrimp. Cook until pink but not overdone.

Finished product! Enjoy with a good Riesling.

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