How to make a lamp shade from projector slides

To begin, gather your slides, needle nose pliers, leather punch, and jewelry rings.

This looks like a whole punch, but is much smaller. Punch a hole in the center of each side of the paper slide, very close to the edge.

Here is an example with 4 slides. These jewelry rings are about 1/2 inch.

Use two needle nose pliers to twist the jewelry ring open. Don't pull it apart, twist.

Use the jewelry ring to connect two slides and twist closed.

4 are now connected. Now only a bazillion left!

I'm keeping all the words on one side.

Hold up the connected slides to see how tall the shade needs to be. Mine is 5 tall.

I am NOT punching a hole in the very bottom of the bottom slides. I went all the way around the top of the lamp to fit the width, then worked down. 5x16 slides on this lamp. yours may vary.

Originally I was going to use an old lamp shade, but I never acquired one. Now, I must make one. I have bent one wire hanger into a circle and used dykes to cut off the extra wire.

I unfolded the other three like this.

This is the lamp shade shape I am mimicking.

I think the hook on this hanger will work as the center ring so I am bending it to match the shape.

Attach the wire hanger you just measured to the circle you made earlier.

This is one hanger attached to the circle. Repeat with other two making sure they are spaced by thirds. Use the dikes to cut of excess wire.

All of the hooks of the three hangers come together in the center to form a circle, kinda. So I am going to hold them together with electrical tape.

Ooooo, la la. Sure hope this fits.

Perfect! well, kinda.

Finally, attach the lamp shade you created out of slides using the same jewelry rings and needle nose pliers. My final lampshade was 16x5 slides.

Slide one attached to wire lamp shade frame.

Now three, it's coming together.

All done!

Watch the video: Melodie Yvonne - Blue Winter Slide Lampshade Creation - Full Video

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