How to make simple curtains

First you need to measure the width and length of the window. You need at least 1.5x the width of the window, or more depending on how much gather you would like.

You can use pretty much any fabric you like. I've used a light poly cotton. You will need the same length of curtain tape as the width of your curtain material. I've used a narrow pencil pleat tape.

Once you have your fabric measured up and straightened any crooked edges you need to hem the two sides. Fold a small hem over twice so it looks neat and then sew.

Once you have hemmed both sides you need to sew a hem on the bottom. It's good to have a fairly large hem as it helps to weigh down the curtain a bit and stop it blowing around too much.

Next is to hem the top, it often helps to iron it flat so that it stays in place. I've made about a 5cm hem on the top and bottom.

Next pin the curtain tape along the top hem, leaving a few centimetres of fabric above so that it will cover the curtain rod when it's finished.

Sew the curtain tape along the top of the curtain starting at the top of the tape and then sew along the bottom of the tape.

This is how it will look once sewn.

Put the curtain rings or hooks through the curtain tape.

Pull the two strings on either end of the tape and gather up the fabric.

Hope you enjoyed the guide

Watch the video: DIY Tab Top Curtains

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