How to make a diy anti-acne honey and cinnamon mask

Side note: Test this on your wrist before applying to your face to make sure it works okay with your skin type. I am not responsible for any breakouts.

First, gather your supplies. You will need honey, cinnamon, a baster brush, and a small container.

First, pour 3 tablespoons of pure honey into your container.

Next, put one tablespoon of cinnamon in with the honey.

Now, mix it together. It should look like chocolate almost when you are done mixing!😉🍫

Lastly, apply it to your face using a generous amount. Apply using a basting brush. (If that's what it's called?😁)

Then, wait about 5 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. A few hours later, cleanse your face with a normal cleanser and apply a moisturizer.

IMPORTANT: If you experience any redness to the skin or breakouts immediately after use this is completely normal. This simply means that the toxins are spreading and the mask is working. It should

Disappear within a few hours.

Thank you for viewing this guide! Did it work for you? Tell me in the comments! I hope this helped you. Have a great day!

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