How to make a heart wreath

Gather all of the supplies

On the paper mark off every one inch. Make a couple of rows of marks

Now draw lines going thorough the marks

Then mark 6 inches on the side and draw lines through those marks

Cut out the strips and if you want you can decorate them.

When your done cutting and putting designs on, you take two strips and staple the top o them together. If you have a design have it face inwards

Then fold the the strips around the staple and put another staple at the bottom

Staple two nor strips of paper to the bottom of the heart. Again if you have a design have it face inwards

Fold the two strips over the staple and staple the bottom together. Now you have two hearts

This is what the final product should look like. You can add ribbon or string to hang it

Watch the video: Neutral Valentine Decor. Heidi Sonboul DIY Challenge

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