How to make an oil cleanser (acne prone skin)

After 3 weeks of oil cleansing my acne is 80% gone. It has helped heal my winter eczema on the corners of my eyes and the edges of my nose. My complexion is returning to its glory days in high school!

Pour 1 part hazelnut oil into a clean glass jar. Hazelnut Oil acts as a natural astringent and is good for oily skin.

Add 2 parts grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil is gentle and absorbs nicely into the skin. Safe for sensitive skins (like mine) and is a great base for other oil cleansing recipes.

1 part hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is a wonder oil. Needs to be refrigerated. I usually refrigerate the oil mixture but haven't noticed any spoiling if I forget.

Add essential oils if desired. I'm convinced that the tea tree oil I add has greatly increased the oil's shelf life due to its antiseptic properties. Not to mention tea tree oil is great for acne.

Leave on face until cloth reaches room temp. Repeat. After 2nd cleanse, use corners of washcloth to wipe excess oil away leaving a thin layer of oil. This will act as your moisturizer. Enjoy!

Watch the video: DIY Oil Cleanser For Acne Prone Skin. EuniyceMari

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