How to make a braided statement-necklace

First measure the lenght you want your main piece to be. Double this lenght, cut your wire and bend it in half. Do this three times, so that you have three strands of wire at the end.

My main piece is about 30cm in lenght. So I cut three strands of wire with 60cm in lenght and folded it at the middle..

Take a crimp and put it over the folded end. Flat it with your pliers.

Take a pinch catch and look for the hole at its bottom.

Put it over the two open ends at the other side and pull it all the way through, until you end at the crimp.

Close the pinch catch.

First take one of the two wire-ends and fill it up with your beads. When you're done, secure the end with a paper clip and continue with the second wire. Leave about 2cm of wire at the end.

Now take a second pinch catch and put it over the two ends. Put a crimp over it as well and squeeze it.

Cut off the extra wire.

Close the pinch catch. Do the same steps for the other strands, so that you have three beaded strands at the end.

Choose the lenght of your chain. My chains are about 20cm each. This depends on the width of your neck and the lenght you want your necklace to be at the end.

Take your two rings and connect one of them to each chain.

Hook the bead-strands to one ring and close them with the pliers.

Tape the end of the chain to your desk etc. and start braiding the three beaded strands.

Add the ends to the other ring/chain like you did before. You are almost done!

Just add your clasp to the ends of the chain aaaand....

... Tadaa! Your necklace is done!

I hope you enjoyed and get beautiful results! 💕

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