How to make cheeseburger soup

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Brown your meat you can use turkey and sausage or just ground beef like me

While beef is browning chop up your carrots , celery , and onion

Also dice potatoes I used three

You will need three cups of chicken broth

Melt butter in separate pan chopped veggies I used three tablespoons

Add your diced veggies

Then add potatoes

Chicken broth

Now add your meat n stir

These are your seasonings season well... The one to the right is Italian seasoning

Cover ... Bring to a boil then simmer until potatoes are tender ( don't over cook potatoes )

Make your cheese sauce in separate pot or pan I used flour , 6 tablespoons butter , warmed milk n heavy whipping cream 1 cup each n lots n lots of cheddar cheese.

Add cheese sauce to your potatoes veggies n meat ( you will need to transfer to a big soup pot or regular pot )

Plate n top with your favorite cheeseburger toppings ( enjoy )

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