How to spot fake caterpillar boots

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What identifying marks should you be looking for?

All Caterpillar boots are boxed in a sturdy Caterpillar branded boot box. Older box styles may vary. Check for errors in spacing, positioning and colour of branding.

Caterpillar retail boxes feature a white label on one end detailing size, style and color. Check that these details match the details of the actual boot

Caterpillar boots feature the CAT logo on the outside. Check that the finish and colour of the logo are of a high quality and the registered trademark 'R' is present.

Caterpillar boots feature a label on the inside of the tongue. Check that the CAT logo, "Licensed Merchandise" should feature. Also, check that the details on the label match the details on the box.

A Caterpillar logo should be present on the upper on all boots, either the machine and/or the word. If it is the machine logo, check the detail of the design carefully for errors and finish.

Check the lace and eyelets on the boots are fixed neatly to the upper. Some eyelets may have Caterpillar 1904 engraved onto the eyelet.

Stitching on all Caterpillar boots will be straight, evenly spaced, and finished neatly.

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