How to make a fruity nutritional shake

Get organised. If you feel conservative, stick with one banana. If you feel adventurous, add raspberries or in this case, peaches. Clean and dry your blender. Add 200 ml of water.

Prepare the fruit. Peel the banana and deseed any fruit that needs to be deseeded.

Scoop the shake powder...

...into the blender. Repeat.

Add the banana.

Pour some almond milk into the blender. The ratio of water to almond milk should be 2:1, 2 cups to 1 cup or 200 ml to 100 ml. If you like your shakes sweet, add sweetener to the mix.

Screw the lid into the blender, making sure it's secure.

Switch on the power. I recommend blending your shake for 3 minutes on a medium setting.

While the blender does its work, clean up your mess. It is important to occupy yourself at this time as you want the shake to be smooth, not grainy.

Don't you just love it when your concoction changes colour? Switch off the blender.

Pour the mix into the shake holder. If there is any left over, pour the remaining mix into a glass.


Drink some of it and keep the rest in the fridge for 30 minutes. Then, stow the shake in your backpack or car and start your day!

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