How to cook steamed bbq chicken buns

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First guide for me- so hang in with me :) Lovely stuffed buns- like a chicken BBQ donut!!

Get your ingredients for the chicken filling together. The filling includes: chicken (obvs), ginger, garlic, coriander, BBQ sauce and a good squeeze of lime.

Start off with cutting your coriander up including stalks, I cut it quite chunky as I like the way it looks and I'm a smidge lazy :) Rip up your cooked chicken relatively small.

Squidge of liiiiime!🍈🍈🍈

Pop the chicken, garlic paste, ginger paste, BBQ sauce and coriander in a bowl and add the juice of a lime. It makes a great little kick in the bun!


COMBINE!! And have a break and beer like I did because the next bit can be a bit fiddly!

500g self raising flour My scales are proper dinky so had to refill that bowl a couple of times :p

400ml milk They are useful scales though, as they've got a ml measurement on there too. Got tothe little things!

Get your self raising flour and your milk and good pinch of salt and knock em about in a food processor til you get a nice sticky dough.

If its too runny add some more flour. Too solid add some more milk :) Don't worry if it gets too sticky it's supposed to be like that! I made a bit of a mess. As long as it holds its shape its fiiiine

Roll the dough into a long sausage shape

Get your sticky dough out and made a long sausage shape. Then cut it into 16 pieces. I did it by cutting it in half, then halved the halves into 4 and cutting those into quarters..

Like so

Flatten each chunk out into rough circles wide enough to fit a tablespoon of your chicken mix and will still leave about a 2cm gap around so you can seal your bun properly. No leaky buns!

The dough will still be really sticky so keep the flour to hand for regular sprinkling!

Dollop!!! Spoon the chicken mix into the centre of the dough circle.

Bring the edges up around the chicken mix and pinch together to seal the bun.

Now grease your cupcake wrappers with a tiny bit of oil to stop to the buns from sticking to the paper. Make sure to double the wrappers up as they get soggy in the steamer!

Place the buns with the side you've just pinched together to seal face DOWN in the cupcake wrappers. Smooth side up 👅

Put the kettle on and arrange the buns in the steamer

I'm mucky :)

When the kettles boiled, pop the water in the wok. Fill the wok up, up to where your steamer will sit over the water. Bring the water back to the boil and pop the steamer on top.

Give it about 13 mins!

Mmmmm. Lovely hot and cold. Plus- can be reheated :)

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