How to make a woven friendship bracelet

Take a piece of cardboard and make a circle.

Make eight cuts around the edges, and a circle in the center.

Make 7 strings that are 15 inches long and knot the ends.

Put the knotted end through the hole in the center of the cardboard circle.

Put a string on each cut and you'll have one free cut.

Pictorial. Empty cut, string two away and move that one to the empty one. Hold the knotted end from the bottom to hold it securely andante sure the bracelet is even.

When you're done just knot the other end then tie them together. Make it big enough to slip on and off, or tie it on and leave it on till it falls off. I'm not tying mine yet b/c it's for my friend.

These are mine

Watch the video: bordered braided stitch bracelet tutorial beginner. friendship bracelets

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