How to easily make fancy butter curls

Butter stick must be frozen. Knife must be serrated & not too large/thick. I prefer the wider shaped butter knife shown. A pretty dish is nice.

The knife is pulled toward you across the butter stick. Soak knife momentarily in hot water first. Unlike photo, I usually pull knife with both hands on each side.

The thin serrated knife edge produces a beautiful pattern to each curl.

Gently pile them high in your serving bowl. They look pretty.

Molly is always here to supervise, hoping whatever I'm making might accidentally fall down into her range. Butter isn't exactly a dog treat but she never loses hope.

A dusting of Parsley flakes....

I use a tiny relish fork for serving. Place butter curls into freezer until serving time

Watch the video: DIY Curl Defining Cream. Discovering Natural

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