How to make kimbap with a mexican twist

Heat up bean sprouts, carrot sticks & spinach.

Salt & pepper two eggs & whip 'em up.

Cook the eggs.

Heat up tortillas in the microwave for 20 seconds.

Place the heated tortilla on a sushi roller thing-a-ma-bob.

Add heated white rice.

Add a strip of spinach.

Add carrots & bean sprouts.

Add a strip of egg.

Add some 불고기. If you like Kimchi, add that now, too.

Roll it as tight as you can.

Reinforce with aforementioned sushi roller thing-a-ma-bob.

Slice it up.

Walla! Kimbap without all the usual nasty seaweed around the rice. Top with salsa or Sriracha for some heat. Enjoy!

Watch the video: 김밥 6 Ways to Make Delicious Gimbap. Korean Sushi Roll. Korean Street Food. 아줌마 Ajumma

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