How to crochet a granny square cowl

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Yarn scraps, crochet hook, scissors.

Crochet a ring of 16 dc.

Begin next color between the dc.

16 puff st.

2 dc in each puff st.

Make 15!

Base color. 6dc in 1st space, 3dc in next 3, 6dc in next, 3 dc in next 3, 6 dc, 3dc in next 3, 6dc, then 3dc in last three. Fasten off. A square with 5 sets of 3dc on each side.

Join as you go. There are several videos on you tube for this. As you add the outer layer you also sl st through previous square.

You could make all squares and connect them at the end. This cowl is 5 squares wide and 3 tall.

Continue till you have 4 in a row, the 5th will join both sides.

A ring of 5 squares.

Join on and attach 2 more rows.

Laying flat. I did a ruffle along the edge. 3dc in space, skip 1, sl st, repeat.

Wear it!

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