How to make chicken curry

Making chicken curry will require chicken,peas,herbs and spices (chilli,bayleaf,pepper), coriander,cardamon clove,1 potato(varies on serving size),oil & curry paste

Step 1. Infuse your herbs

Stir slowly until the fragrance is strong

Step 2: increasingly place ingredients i added the chicken and potatoes in to the mix cook until they are browned off

Step 3: To create the full curry effect you must add a curry paste of choice to your dish this will give off the great flavour and texture

We choose to put in the softer/delicate ingredients at the end of the cooking process so that they dont become mushy and are over cooked

Step 4: once you believe that the dish is nearly complete add your softer ingradients

Step 5: Patience, now its purely based on the waiting game before its ready

Step 6: Plating up, once ready its time to plate up your dish now time to eat :)

Watch the video: చకకన హడ రసటరట రచత ఇటలన చసకడ Chicken Handi Restaurant Style Recipe Telugu

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