How to make blueberry & lemon curd muffins

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First line your muffin tray with your muffin cases, this mixture makes 12

Melt your butter and set aside to cool slightly, then sift your flour and bi carb into a large bowl

Like so, then add your blueberries, caster sugar, lemon zest and mix well

Like so!

Then whisk the milk, eggs, butter and natural yogurt together

Then combine the two dry and wet mixture ingredients together don't worry about the lumps it makes it better :)

Then divide the mixture between the cases, I use a ice cream scoop helps divide the mixture easier

Then place a tsp of lemon curd on top and scatter a little sugar ontop and bake for 17-20 minutes untill golden brown

Walla! Leave to cool for a few minutes as the lemon curd will be hot!

This isn't my originally recipe I altered it to work for me, hope you like! Any questions ask away and follow me for more interesting guides ️

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