How to Track Lightbulb Life

The guy I bought this house from must have had a mortal fear of dark spaces, or perhaps he wanted to build a live-in tanning bed. Either way I spend a fair amount of time replacing illumination.

I often have this occasional black hole in the glorious constellation of my ceiling. In fact it seems all the time I feel like I'm replacing the same bulbs.

So I counted and found I have over 130 different Lightbulbs combined inside and out of my house. That is amazing. No wonder I feel like I am always doing this.

Bright Idea!

At this point I had an illuminating thought, "By the light of the Sun God of Heliopolis - Ra! I am going to track these suckers so I know if they are meeting expectations!".

My first move is to my armory to get my magic staff of star touching awesome power.. People, keep grounded and keep your head out of the orbiting stars with this powerful implement of Lucent thinking

While I have several attachments, this basket is my old reliable and works almost every time.

Check out the awesome power to pluck the darkness from the very skies without leaving ground! Also, who puts a canned light in the crotch of a ceiling space?! Really?

Next I move to the storage of bulbs. You can see the impetus for my concern here as I am running low on supply.

I like this picture. Nothing more. However, next we are going to administer a dose of measurement to the process by getting some ink done.

We are going to tramp-stamp our bulbs! I have decided I like a good purple sharpie for this step.

I then mark the month and year of the bulb I am installing. This way I can see how long it lasted when I replace it next.

I started this in January and now do it to all the lights I replace. I feel powerful. Knowledge is power friends!

Remember to do the BRIGHT-THING! Remember to turn off your lights and electronics when not in use. Be a luminary thinker!

Watch the video: How to Replace a Track Light Bulb

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