How to Sharpen Your Kitchen Knives Quickly

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If your knives lose their sharpness, this quick and inexpensive fix will have you dicing and slicing in no need for expensive professional sharpening stones..

Take your knife to your car and wind your window half way down, then draw one side of the blade across the edge of your window towards you, about three times.. NEVER AWAY FROM YOU.

Repeat this for the other side.

If you don't have a car, don't worry, all you need is a glass chopping board/work top protector with the rounded edge, (like on a car window) and you'll get the same results.

Return to your slicing and dicing..

And you'll instantly notice the difference.. Just repeat as often as you like.. If you find this guide helpful, please tap the "like heart "at the top..

Watch the video: Beginners Guide to Whetstone Sharpening

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