How to Make Charlies Awesome Fried Rice

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The supplies you will need

Stir fry Half of the minced garlic with vegetable oil

Add chicken, season with light amount of soy sauce, stir until cooked, set aside, rinse wok, dry, and add more oil

Add more garlic to oil, add chopped Chinese sausage, stir fry until cooked

Beat eggs in bowl, add to cook with Chinese sausage

Add rice when eggs are cooked

Break rice apart until all rice is loosened

Add chicken

Stir fry until until evenly distributed

Add soy sauce, add just enough to give all the rice a light brown color, continue to stir over medium heat

While stirring add oyster sauce, should be same proportion to soy sauce

While stirring add shaoxing rice wine. Same proportion to soy and oyster sauce

Add chopped green onion, add black pepper, toss around a couple of times, and serve


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