How to Make Caprese

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On Medium plate, arrange Thai Basil leaves in star pattern.

Remove butt of Tomato and slice in half

Slice tomato halves in to quarters, as shown.

Slice quarters into cubes, as shown above.

Properly cubed, i will looks like this.

Stack mozzarella slices an slice in half.

Cut into quarters (cubed as shown)

Slice strawberry and fan as pictured.

First layer, 1/2 of cubed Beefsteak Tomato as pictured.

Second layer, 1/2 cubed mozzarella as pictured.

Third layer, remaining beefsteak tomato as pictured.

Fourth layer, remaining mozzarella as pictured.

Top with fanned strawberry and Balsamic Reduction as pictured.

Season with salt & pepper and finish with a light ring of Basil Oil.

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