How to Make Paper Fringe Flowers

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Cut a strip of paper to the dimensions of 1"x6".

Cut a quilling strip to 6".

Glue the quilling strip to the paper as shown. IMPORTANTBe sure that you glue the strip on the colored/patterned side.

Use scissors to fringe the strip all the way to the quilling strip, but do not cut into the quilling strip.

Start to roll the quilling strip up. Make sure that when you roll, the patterned paper will end up on the inside, and that the white side(or wrong side) is on the outside.

Continue rolling. See that the patterned paper is on the inside.

When you have finished rolling, put a bit of glue on the end of the strip and roll it up so that it is glued together.

Slip the roll of the quilling tool and allow it to dry for a minute.

Use your fingers to carefully peel the fringe down and away from the center.

Use your thumb to squash it all the way down.

You're done! You can glue a magnet, pushpin, or even a hair clip(I did!) to the back.

Watch the video: How to Make Paper Flowers Stampin Up! Fringe Scissors Video Tutorial


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